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Playground Markings

Caterpillar playground fun learning markings
Multi coloured hopscotch created by BGS

Bingham Ground Services Playground lines and markings.


Did you know we are fully trained installers of playground line markings?


Whether you are looking for a new playground hopscotch, daily mile track, or new sports courts marking out, we can assist!


The images below show a selection of what we are able to offer.


Other designs can be created to suite your exact needs.


Playground markings number dragon Playground Hopscotch Playground ladder School playground markings


Playground markings are an inexpensive way of making your playground a brighter and more interactive area for children to play and engage with.


We will happily work with you to create your perfect, bespoke playground, to include whichever games, educational materials and/ or sports court markings you require.


The image below shows a basic design plan for an interactive playground fitness activity trial.


thermoplastic line markings


It's as simple as 1..2..3! 


Once we have cleaned and removed any moisture, any of our play designs can be installed directly onto a pre-existing tarmac surface.


All our play markings are good to be used within as little as 30 minutes after competing the installation, meaning your playground is disrupted for as short a period as possible.


Our Thermoplastic playground markings provide a strong and durable design, lasting between 8 and 10 times as long as the paint options available. They are simple to install and all works have a anti-slip ingredient included in the installation, to ensure the safety of all users! 


All our play markings can be undertaken within the schools strict schedules, insuring play and dinner times are not interrupted. 



Playground markings number snake playground markings target


Food for thought


We recently created the 'DAILY MILE' design. This system is a track installation, which circulates around a playground, using the playground lines. the daily mile is a fun and effective way to encourage children to complete there required daily exercise. 


Playground markings roadway


If you would like more information, or to acquire a quote for and of our play markings / play track systems, please don't hesitate to contact usWe will happily work with you to achieve the playground you desire! 


All work fully insured and undertaken by DBS cleared and fully trained personnel.