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Sensory play surfaces for children



When designing your perfect play area for children, it’s important to take their sensory perceptions into consideration.


Whilst that perfect, crisp, monotone surface might be attractive to adults, we must ask ourselves, is it really engaging and stimulating for the children? The answer most probably is NO! 


Children usually see the world and their surroundings in a different way to adults. The areas they engage with on a regular basis should be fun and encourage interaction.


The more variety they have in Colours/ patterns/ textures, the more choices they must make. How they are going to interact with their surroundings, and why. This choice is very important in building and child’s cognitive development.


Decision making teaches children to further develop thought processes, organise and filter sensory importance and how to respond accordingly. 


Creating a sensory playground doesn’t have to cost the world and doesn’t have to include tonnes of equipment. The surface alone can incorporate several different elements including;


  • Variation of Colours
  • Materials
  • Shapes/ Patterns
  • Games/ Interaction markings


Perception of their surroundings, sensory experimentation and stimulation can encourage their brain pathways to open, and improve social interaction and speech skills. Improving these functional skills should help to relieve stress and make social situations easier to handle.


Sensory play surfaces have been shown to include a variety of benefits for children including;


  • Coordination
  • Social Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Relaxation
  • Cognitive Function


Sensory exploration engages a child's mind helping them to relax and reduce stress and anxiety.


These types of play surfaces can also help children to learn and concentrate easier and boost memory function through association. Also, learning about the world around them becomes easier with varied outside experiences and sensory engagement.


Therefore, choice is an important part of a child's growth and development. A varied play/ learning environment is helpful in teaching children to process, organise and filter sensory importance and respond accordingly.



Require further information?


Here at Bingham Ground Services, we can help design a specific cleaning plan for your play surfacing / sports pitch, to keep it safe and to maintain the playing qualities.


To further prevent damage and disruption to your court it’s important to be aware of the type of surface that you have and follow guidelines given by the manufacturers. Such recommendations will be dependent on the type of surface and vary depending on the type of court.


When we install surfaces, we always suggest and explain the importance of having a maintenance schedule and how it can keep your surface in excellent condition and extend its life expectancy/ improve performance.


Make sure to contact us if you need any advice about maintenance for your synthetic sports / play surfaces. We offer helpful information on the costs and the work that needs to be done for each surfacing type.


The benefits of keeping up to date with surface maintenance means that in the long run you will reduce the overall cost by potentially preventing costly damage.









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